Do you offer a stage 2 cam for a 96 VS Ute manual series 2?Just want some information about the item and how much will it cost?I have a stock VS Ute with extractors and exhaust.
Posted by MACE Support on 30 April 2018 08:46 AM
We have two types of CAMS available. The Crow CAMS and COMP CAM.The CROW CAMS will suit your specifications. However these cams are designed for high ratio rockers (1.9, 1.98 rockers). COMP CAM to suit ecotec engines is also suitable. However the stage 2 COMP CAM is lumpy with extractors. note that the cost of installing a larger camshaft would be around the $1000 mark.Another option to consider would be to run a set of our higher ratio rockers as shown in the links below;1.9:1 Ratio rockers. Ratio rockers. reason why these items are quite popular is that they offer around 80% of the gains of a cam install, with installation prices of around $150-$300

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