How long does it usually take to receive the base tune and would my friend and I be able to use the same programmer we bought for this base tune?
Posted by MACE Support on 30 April 2018 09:36 AM
Will need your help first reading the ECM and TCM files. If you have a manual vehicle then you only need to read the ECM file.Just to recap on the tuning process, refer to the steps below: • Fill out a form to establish your requirements • Wait for the programmer to arrive • Once arrived install software and drivers for the programmer • Read your current tunes (one for the engine and transmission) • Email these across and will email you a custom base tune shortly afterwards • Log how the car is running with the tune and also focus on loggingvarious conditions and report any other changes that you would like to take place and email back to us • With this info we'll email you out another tune if necessary • We repeat the last two steps until both parties are happy It will take around a week for you to receive your performance tune file.

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