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These are non-servicable items. I would highly recommend against replacing them. If they need replacing then you would need to get a hold of another rotor pack.
In your case, unfortunately, the MACE/VCM OTR does not suit VE Alloytec engines, due to the size of the factory MAF on the Alloytec engines.
We don't offer a cam installation service at this point in time. Depending on where you're located though, we may be able to recommend someone who could do the work for you.
If you want your mechanic to fill out the forms on your behalf, this should be fine. Otherwise the forms will need to be filled out as the tuning service that we offer only allows for the tuning to take place on our end at this point in time. However this...
The most boost you can run with your L67 without a custom tune or an intercooler would be 10psi.
In order to be able to run an 8 rib supercharger belt in conjunction with our boost upgrade kit, you would need the following. [h...
Unfortunately, we don't have an OTR that suit your vehicle at this point in time. However, we can help you with our cold air intake that can be shown in the link below.
 Installation is easy. Basically, the supplied throttle controller wiring loom needs to plug in between the throttle pedal and throttle pedal cable. Then you decide where you want to mount the throttle pedal controller (on the dash near the steering wheel...
Assuming that it is installed in accordance with how a diff centre is normally installed/replaced, then the answer is yes. 
These engine mounts are standard height mount with cylindrical rubber bush. 5.0mm thick steel plate. 13.0mm diameter thru bolt.
These engine mounts are standard height mount with cylindrical rubber bush. 5.0mm thick steel plate. 13.0mm diameter thru bolt.
You will be looking at 9000rpm or thereabouts, it depends on the rest of the rotating assembly and setup though.
The size of the tube on this X-Pipe are 55mm on one end and 60mm on the other, such that is can be installed easily with the factory system.
This should be possible, however, your best bet would be to contact the [] as they specialise in V6 conversions V6 transplants.
The girdle is 12MM thick, therefore, longer bolts/studs will be required once the girdle is fitted. We don't supply these but they can be purchased from Fabre Competition Parts: []
They are as the filter is enclosed from the engine bay.
We genuinely never had any issues with this tune when running on 98 octane fuel.
Depending on what cam you are after valve springs, headers, computer & hi stall would be required. For further information please refer to the link below. [https://www.maceenginee...
Your best bet would be to consider 2.5'' Catback Exhaust.
It certainly can with a joiner change, which we can supply separately if needed.
It is recommended to use the 12mm plenum spacer for N/A applications. The 12mm plenum spacer improves air distribution between cylinders as well as increasing plenum volume resulting in low end torque gains. Engine performance is improved when utilizing a...
It’s very likely that they can, as they’re probably not aware that HP Tuners can tune them, of which I’m very confident someone in Townsville would have.
Please refer to pics for a good example of an M90 supercharger with its back (inlet) ported.
You can run a 12mm plenum spacer on an Ecotec stroker engine, without a tune, successfully. Given the increased engine capacity, the plenum spacer will work better on a stoker then it would on a standard Ecotec.
You can't unfortunately. we would not recommend a set of 1.95 ratio rockers with this cam as it would cause engine damage. If you wish to use rockers we would recommend to go with our crow cam that can be shown in the link below.   http://www.maceengine...
It would depend on your current engine setup, generally though if you have a standard L67 engine running a 10psi pulley and 98 octane fuel you can. In fact, if you port the blower, insulator plate and manifold you're able to run a little smaller pulley th...
Unfortunately, you can't because of the fact that L67 comes up with top mount supercharger, that doesn't allow installation of Plenum Spacer.
If you have a Series 1 or Series 2 VS 5L then we can help as shown in the link below. If you have a Series 3 VS Commodore then you would need to contact Crow cams direct Stage 3 Crow Cam & Chip Packages $890
It is possible to do, however, it would be an expensive exercise (over 1k) for us to do it. 
We would still recommend flashing between tunes prior to taking your vehicle in for serving.
 Unfortunately we do not offer a bore/porting service for the V6 Alloytec intake manifold at this point in time.
It certainly can. All you would require would be a replacement rubber joiner between the OTR and the throttle body. Something that we can certainly supply for you.
We can help you with that. For information about our cams check out the link below:
This mount sits 5mm lower than stock, but apart from that, it takes the same shape as the factory mount.
Any reputable/trusted mechanic would be able to install this upgrade for you without any problems. Otherwise depending on the suburb you're located in, we could recommend someone closest to you. In saying the above though, depending on your mechanical ski...
We have reprogrammed these to work with L67 engine conversions (factory supercharged 6s), running a maximum 87mm pulley (approximately 10psi) on 98 octane fuel. We do not have any other boosted tunes to suit anything else at the moment. 
At this point in time, we can't unfortunately.
You will be looking at $350 for a full rebuild plus parts
We would recommend changing the heater pipe related O-rings. This is sadly not something we stock separately at the moment. 
In regards to the air sensor retaining clip, you reuse your original one as shown in the fitting instructions in the link below.
Ours CAI kit draws air behind the headlight and in between the radiator which is a high-pressure region. To assist visualising the airflow within this product, please refer to the fitting instructions in the link below:
You have the option of selecting either our Stage 1, Stage 2 or Stage 3 cam.
The thickest manifold insulator set that you can install on your MY09.5 VE V6 is our 12mm set as shown in the link below:
It will run fine. In the absolute worse case though, we can touch up the tune to suit from our end but I don't believe that it will be needed. 
The brand of the filter that comes in the kit is Monza. The neck size of the filter is 3 1/2"
The reason is because the heads on the 260kW engine cannot support the lift that these cams generate, due to the fact that they run shorter valves than the 315kW engine. 
No, everything that you need, comes in the kit. It includes 25mm manifold insulator, bolts, silicon and 25mm injector rail extenders.
Assuming your current factory DFI module is in good working order, then these coils will work as advertised.
Assuming everything else is standard, then that is correct.
Gaskets are not mandatory for this item, however silicone sealant is.
You can run a standard stall, however, if you wanted improved acceleration, are hi stall would be recommended.
Not required, as per the fitting instructions in the link below:
We do, however, we would need your help to confirm what guides exactly do you want such that we can price something up for you.
These are standard replacement You don't need to replace anything when running our ignition coils.
Yes, we do have a cam that would fit it. Link is given below: [
Generally no, unless you really really want the supercharger to have a louder whine.
Assuming you have either our stage 1 or Stage 2 comp cams then we can provide a mail order tune to suit. 
We can, as we have had experience in this area before. Please list up all the mods you have currently and we will advise on a tune to suit accordingly.
Our boost upgrades include the hub, the 6 rib belt and the pulley. If you wish to run 8 rib pulley you would require single 8 rib serpentine belt conversion pulleys with 5% over drive race balancer.
In regards to using the sealant supplied in our manifold insulator, plenum spacer and intercooler kits (where applicable), we recommend sticking with the manufacturer's recommendation. In saying this though, I've torqued the above mentioned products befor...
We did, but unfortunately, we no longer manufacture or stock these twin throttle body manifolds due to lack of demand. Also, we have found that by fitting our intake manifold insulators and spacers as well as our 69mm throttle body you get approximately 9...
We don't at this point in time unfortunately. Your best bet would be to contact the following companies [] []
We don't, nor would we recommend them. The reason for this is because the ARP fasteners for these rods require to torqued greater than the factory fasters, as a result, they will likely distort the big end of the conrod. Given that the caps for these rods...
Unfortunately, we don't have anything to suit at this point in time. However, this may change in future.
The part numbers which would be suitable for your vehicle are CAI860 - VY V8 (MAF) or CAI843 - VY V8 (MAFless). The kit does come with hose clamps, basically all of the plumbing needed for the job. Installation is straight forward for people with basic me...
Not something that we can help with sadly, nor do I know of any company who offer them off the shelf sadly. It would need to be a custom made item.
We don't have any head gaskets to suit the LLT engine at this point in time, however Ridgecrest Engineering would have copper head gaskets to suit. []
We don't have them sadly. Fortunately, though, you can replace them along with the plastic line with a length of rubber hose.
The manifold spacers which would be suitable for your L67 engine are shown in the links below: COLD AIR INTAKE 6.35MM INSULATOR FOR HOLDEN SUPERCHARGED 6 L67 COLD AIR INTAKE 25MM I...
Unfortunately, this is not something that we offer at this point in time.
Please refer to the fitting instructions in the link below: [
Not only do we offer a rubber bush for our mounts, they also run the largest sized bush on the market. Given these features, these are the closest stock feeling, high strength mounts on the market.
We do have an ECU which would be a direct replacement for your current ECU to suit the L67 conversion. For further details about this ECU, please refer to the link below. [https:/...
We don't have Alloytec cams fitting instructions on our website at this point in time, however, we have attached to them to this email. 
Assuming you have an ecotec or an L67 engine, then the parts that would be suitable are shown in the links below, Valve Springs [
Unfortunately, our manifold insulators only suit the Boss variant.
Unfortunately, we don't have anything to suit your vehicle at this point in time.
We don't do polished throttle body to suit your vehicle, however, we can help you with one of our board out 70 mm throttle body that can be shown in the link below.
We don't have a good photo of the product by itself, but I have found instructions that accurately present the MAF version of this product in the clip below. [] Plea...
Unfortunately, we don't do a pod style of cold air intake kit to suit you VZ V8 at this point in time, however, we do supply OTR Style Cold Air Intakes. Part numbers against them are shown below which can be found with a quick search on our website: CAI8...
We don't have an exact one which would suit your vehicle but with a few changes, this could be possible. You will need to put your own mounting holes for the airbox and we would supply you with a VB-VL airbox lid instead of a VN-VP one, which would be eas...
If you have a VT-VY V6 manual Ecotec, then it will run fine with the standard memcal. Otherwise, you may need to upgrade your memcal/computer, to suit our larger throttle body, depending on your driving style.
No you don't. Your current PCM should be able to handle the upgrade.
Unfortunately,we don't stock factory replacement parts for this motor.
While we can supply a butterfly to suit, ideally we would need your current throttle body to make one you for due to the tight tolerance between the butterfly and throttle body housing.
Yes, we do. You will be looking at $55 delivered. Please let us know if you wish to purchase and we will formulate a quote for you.
They don't unfortunately. They are just standard replacement.
The 1.9:1 high-ratio LS1-LS2 roller rockers are designed for fitment with the standard cam. This product is not recommended to be used with any aftermarket performance cams.
To give you an idea as to what the kit comes with, check out the fitting instructions in the link below. Please note in your case, as you're not running a MAF, we would replace the MAF adapter with a straight section of steel tube: http://www.maceenginee...
You can either use the factory gaskets if it is still in good condition or you can purchase some gasket maker from your local auto parts store.
Instead of getting a single long hose, you would get two shorter ones which unite the OTR with the MAF and with the throttle body.
  If you have a BF Falcon with a 3 valve V8 engine in it (non BOSS V8), then it will fit. 
It would help out, but not required for the gains as advertised.
Yes, it does. Depending on how you tune your vehicle after installing the cams.
Gaskets are not required with the installation of this item, as it comes with silicone sealant.
We don’t offer a remote tuning service for these vehicles at the moment, however for that price you’re better off buying the HP Tuners programmer yourself and either get someone in town or yourselves to reprogram
We freight items to New Zealand on a consistent basis. We even have a New Zealand bank account to assist with purchases from New Zealand.
We don't have these cams in stock yet, something that we're should have developed within 1-2 months.
We can send you out a snout machining tool, such that you can machine the snout on the spot if that would help. For more info please check out the link below: [http://www.maceengineer...
We can supply the same product which can also be used without a MAF meter.
Unfortunately, we don't offer memcal tunes for aftermarket boosted applications.
This kit suits your quad cam engine (2 per cams per cylinder).
It improves both. The way an underdrive balancer works is that it reduces the amount of power going from the engine to drive engine accessories such as alternator, water pump, power steering pump etc. It also reduces the mass moment of inertia of the bala...
I'm not sure that the 25mm version would be compatible with the Orssom OTR. It is compatible with ours though.
Ideally you would, however, it's not necessary to do so for the advertised gains to be achieved.
Unfortunately, it doesn't come with the MLS head gasket.
It will run with the stock stall converter. 
Not at all. In fact your engine should run more smoothly because your engine won't have to rev out as much due to the increase in low end torque.
Give the size difference of the engine bays, our CAI is specifically suited for the Cruze. In saying this though,  you should be able to modify the piping to suit your setup. Unfortunately, we have not had a chance to dummy fit it in a Barina.
It doesn't. In saying this though, a heat shield for this kit would be somewhat redundant given the fact that the pod filter is located outside of the engine bay and in the inner guard. 
With our kit, the engine light does not come on.  As it's a bolt on product which doesn't need any tune or modification.
The kit comes with a pod filter adapter tube and a rubber joiner. To get a clear understanding of all of the components that come in the kit and the installation process, please check out the fitting instructions in the link below: http://www.maceengineer...
These insulators work as advertised on the stock tune. No aftermarket tuning is required with this item. Given that they are able to work with the factory/standard calibration, they will not cause any damage to your vehicle.
It does. For further details, please refer to the link below. []
It comes with both sides to be able to do a complete engine.
It does. The only thing you may need to trim the rubber dowels from the valley gasket using a knife, which would be obvious when you go to install them. Sealant, is available separately, via the link below.
If you are referring to the 2 orange strips with the black stripe that sit at the front and rear of the lifter valley then yes. These can be noted in the image in the link below:
It does. To give you an idea as to how it sounds, please refer to the video in the link below. [] 
Every coil is identical, it's where they are positioned and the what leads clip on to them that should be noted.
The pulleys that we sell, as shown in the link below, are not compatible with the Yella Terra snout upgrade. In saying this though, they should have an equivalent 72mm pulley to suit.
It doesn't, however we can help you with our kit (TC602) that does come with three gears that can be shown below. [http://www.mac...
It does on the single row chain. Two links marked in different spots in different colours.
Yes, our tune does modify the shift settings.
It does come with gasket, however, you'll need to source a new set of bolts elsewhere.
The latest version of these OTRs we have is 100% compatible with the vented Monaro bonnet. 
This is an electronic throttle gain controller for the VF Commodore, containing 3 different modes that you can set on your vehicle, including: * SPORTS MODE: Increased accelerator response suited for circuit and sports driving. * ECO MODE: Reduced a...
Depending on the setup and how it's tuned will determine the new RPM threshold.
L67 CONVERSION INTO FACTORY 5 SPEED MANUAL (T5/GETRAG) COMMODORE * Mirror balance flywheel to flexplate (balance pressure plate to FW for added security) * Get the crankshaft drilled for flywheel dowels to fit flywheel * If running the factory loo...
GENERAL REQUIREMENTS FOR L67 CONVERSION INTO FACTORY 5 SPEED MANUAL (T5/GETRAG) COMMODORE * Mirror balance flywheel to flexplate (balance pressure plate to FW for added security) * Get the crankshaft drilled for flywheel dowels to fit flywheel * I...
GENERAL REQUIREMENTS FOR L67 CONVERSION INTO FACTORY 5 SPEED MANUAL (T5/GETRAG) COMMODORE * Mirror balance flywheel to flexplate (balance pressure plate to FW for added security) * Get the crankshaft drilled for flywheel dowels to fit flywheel * I...
GENERAL REQUIREMENTS FOR L67 CONVERSION INTO FACTORY 5 SPEED MANUAL (T5/GETRAG) COMMODORE * Mirror balance flywheel to flexplate (balance pressure plate to FW for added security) * Get the crankshaft drilled for flywheel dowels to fit flywheel * I...
GENERAL REQUIREMENTS FOR L67 CONVERSION INTO FACTORY 5 SPEED MANUAL (T5/GETRAG) COMMODORE * Mirror balance flywheel to flexplate (balance pressure plate to FW for added security) * Get the crankshaft drilled for flywheel dowels to fit flywheel * I...
GENERAL REQUIREMENTS FOR L67 CONVERSION INTO FACTORY 5 SPEED MANUAL (T5/GETRAG) COMMODORE * Mirror balance flywheel to flexplate (balance pressure plate to FW for added security) * Get the crankshaft drilled for flywheel dowels to fit flywheel * I...
We machine the diameter of the snout down to 51.5mm in diameter, 16mm deep
The power increase which you'll be looking at is around 5rwkw.
If you have an LF1, LFW or LFX V6 engine we also have a 6.35mm kit, part number MI627, which would least compromise.
They would fit your Adventra, assuming it doesn't run a strut brace.
We have no, as we haven't recommended doing so (unless LPG injection setup, then fine). Depending on the LPG type, such as a mixer setup, we would recommend running higher ratio rockers instead.
To give you an idea in regards to the procedure, please refer to the link below. [
You'd be looking at $1500 for a custom set of Alloytec cams to suit your application.
Generally speaking, if your car is in good working order, you can run an 8psi pulley on 95 octane fuel, or a 10psi pulley on 98 octane fuel. 
Assuming that you have a standard Monaro Condenser, which should be virtually touching the radiator, then it will fit without modifying it.
It's not a critical upgrade at this level of mods and stock RPM limit. If you wanted to upgrade though, my advice would be to get a hold of an ex HSV unit from a V8 which will bolt up.
If you contact your local GM dealership they should be able to tell you based on the VIN. However generally if your engine as a single large engine cover, covering the intake manifold, it would be an MY09. Spit covers and it would be an MY08. To be sure t...
To give you an idea as to how to replace the valve springs without removing the heads, please refer to the links below.
The underdrive pulley kit increases engine power and responsiveness, by reducing parasitic losses associated with driving the engine accessories and heavier standard sized balancer itself.
The product genuinely works well, however depending on what your requirements are, a set of cams would represent greater value for money from a performance aspect as shown in the link below
At this point in time it's 6 weeks, however this may change for future customers.
Delivery to anywhere in New Zealand will take approximately 7 working days.
Yes, It does.The valve springs come in a set of 12.
The price for the kit is $340 delivered. We can set up an auction for you if you wish. If comes with a tensioner and idler pulley, belt and underdriven balancer. To give you an idea as to the gains and installation process, please refer to the youtube cli...
You would be looking at power gains of around 10-13rwkw with the mods you have.
For pedestal you will be looking at $70 plus postage.
You would be looking at around 400rwkw under track use.
In regards to how much HP these coils can handle, it would depend on the setup, so it would be hard to give you an accurate figure.
To give you an idea in regards to belt lengths, please refer to the guide in the link below. [
The price for the cam is $480. For more info please check out the link below
It would depend on where you were located. The price would vary around $500-$1000. It would be closer to the $500 mark, if you borrow our CAMSHAFT REMOVAL TOOL as shown in the link below.
We offer three stages in our stroker kits. Stage 1, 2 and 3. In regards to power figures other influencing factors would be whether or not the car is manual or auto, cam specs how hard the car is revved, dyno used etc. As for very rough power figures coul...
You would be looking at power gains of around 30rwkw
Installing a cam would take around a day to do. We don't provide the fitting services, however depending on where you're located, we may be able to recommend someone who could do the installation for you.
In regards to the outright strength of our chains, conservatively speaking, they have around the same yield/tensile strength as the factory chains.   However, the main difference between the chains is that our chains have been polished, reducing operati...
The cams we have to suit is shown in the link. Please note that at this point in time we cannot supply a tune to suit our cams on a VZ Alloytec. Therefore you would require a custom tune to suit
It would fit fine, even though with the climate control.
You'll be looking at gains of around 8 to 10rwkw.
In regards to listing a specific category to suit the VF Commodore, this should occur sometime over the next few months. In saying this though, the following products would be suitable for the VF V6 Commodore at this point in time. 6.35MM MANIFOLD INSULA...
Given your requirements, we would recommend our Stage 3 CROW Cam and Chip package as shown in the link below:
Unfortunately we don't offer radiators at this point in time.
There isn’t an option as such that we offer at the moment, however we can supply you with our CAI kit less filter and plumbing/piping.
The 12mm manifold insulator gives around a 10% increase in low down torque, while the 25mm item gives around a 13% increase over a broader range, as shown in the link below for the 12mm item.
If you have an LLT or LF1 V6 engine, then there are 2 types of OTRs available Orssom Performance OTR. This is an easily installed item, with an easily serviceable filter, however, the MAF loom will need to be lengthened MACE/VCM OTR * Highest perform...
Unfortunately we don't offer custom work at this point in time. Depending on where you're located we may be able to recommend someone who may be able to help.
These are direct replacements for OEM coils and they should be able to handle 500KW plus power.
While they can be fitted in conjunction with gaskets, the insulator acts like a gasket when used in conjunction with sealant. Therefore there is no need to use gasket with the installation of this item.
We generally do our own tuning (as is the case with Holden 5L engines), with the exception of some vehicles.
To be sure and to avoid an electrical/electronic nightmare, you would have to replace all of the wiring and computers over etc.
Adding an LSD centre to your diff would improve handling (along with burnout performance), by distributing torque between wheels proportionally where required. We have a mechanical LSD diff centre available, as shown in the link below: https://www.maceeng...
SInce you have a VN and VQ Holden, they both run a mechanical speedo with a speedo cable. Therefore you will need to replace the drive gear with a suitable one. Links are given below:
This is correct. The LS1 VT II - VY II LS1 V8 computers we sell are outright (not changeover). For further details, please refer to the link below. [https://www.maceengineering.c...
We do, the part number is GSK601. For more information about this item, please refer to the link below: [
They genuinely would, as they would help with better air distribution between cylinders. We thought about making these a while back, and may still have a template of one which Street Commodores Mag sent us years back, but never got around to making them s...
Assuming your car is in good working order and are willing to run on 98 octane fuel, then there would be nothing else required to install the 9-10psi kit.
It is a Stage 3 ecotec cam for NA applications, as shown in the link below. [] This is no...
It could be possible to do so I guess, however, if you were going to that trouble I would recommend coming up with a custom adaptor plate from scratch yourself. 
These rings only suit aftermarket replacement piston, not stock, hence the discrepancy. 
The car will still be drivable with the cams, however, it would require a tune shortly after installation.
As you have a VX Commodore, pushrods are not required when installing our 1.9:1 ratio rockers.
Yes, definitely. Keep in mind, they'll need another tune once fitted.
Following are the key benefits: * Up to 30rwkw gain with a tune. * Greater gains to be had with an RPM limiter increase. * Fantastic torque gains across the entire RPM range. * Street-friendly, tractable RPM range. * Comes with installation ins...
Assuming that the extractors are from the same Commodore generation (same Commodore body shape, not necessarily model) then they'll fit.
If you a planning on keeping your factory airflow meter then pick CAI836, if not then pick CAI837. From experience though 99% of people keep the airflow meter and order CAI836. Only customers who have radical camshafts would remove the airflow meter for t...
Assuming that the engine is in good condition, and the camshaft chosen was not too extreme, then it would be fine to do so. To give you an idea in regards to a list of cam and tune packages available to suit your vehicle, please refer to the link below.  ...
Assuming you have a standard engine (in your case, with an equal or better flowing exhaust system than that found in a related standard Commodore), then max you can run is 10psi (3.4") - in conjunction with 98 octane fuel. On 95 octane fuel the max you ca...
Yes, it wont fit with MAF as this kit is designed specifically to suit MAFless vehicles. 
We have an ECU which would be a direct replacement for your current ECU (as your current ECU does not run a memcal) to suit the L67 conversion. For further details about this ECU, please refer to the link below.
These are some products which can increase the power gains. Links are given below: COLD AIR INTAKE TO SUIT HOLDEN VZ V6 [http://www.maceeng...
Engine/intake work aside, you should run an upgraded exhaust system (cats and extractors if you went with larger cams), and a shorter ratio diff gears.
If you're happy to solely run your car on petrol then certainly, from a performance perspective, it would be worthwhile to remove the LPG mixer. 
It will, however, you would have to slightly modify your existing wiring loom to suit the L67 engine. In saying this though, it would be far easier than having to swap over wiring looms from a VY L67 to suit. Please note that we have a PCM/ECU to suit suc...
A custom tune or some form of intercooling would be required if you're planning on running a pulley greater than 10psi.
If you were to leave performance tune in the Cruze when you took it in to the dealership for servicing, and they had to drive it, I can assure you that they would know that it wasn't an ordinary Cruze :) Therefore what we would normally recommend is to fl...
Please follows the steps as shown in the troubleshooter link below.
Please follow the steps in the troubles hooter and get back to us when you can. []
Is the belt perfectly in line with idler pulley and balancer? Has the supercharger belt been installed the right way? As it can be installed two different ways. To give you an idea in regards to how it is supposed to be installed, please refer to the belt...
You would, which we can supply. To give you an idea in regards to what is required for the A2A L67 install, please refer to the fitting instructions in the link below.
The insulators that would suit your G8 are shown in the links below: 12mm manifold insulator kit 25mm manifold insulator kit
We've supplied a number of memcals for such conversions in the past with a 100% success rate. In regards to costs to associated with purchasing a suitable memcal, please check out the link below:
Unfortunately, the cam part number/serial number is not ours. Therefore, unless you have a cam card, your best bet would be to get the cam inspected on a cam doctor machine to determine what the characteristics of that cam are.
If installed correctly, there definitely won't be any such issues described long term. This I can personally attest to, based on the number of kits which I've installed approximately seven years ago without any problems to date. Sadly the parts were chose...
Given the vehicle and mods you have, then we would recommend the following memcal. [
Generally, we recommend only going with a cam or a set of rockers. If you're looking for the most possible power between the two then we'd recommend going with a cam upgrade instead. Assuming you've been budgeted or are able to do the work yourself. Some ...
You can just change your intake manifold and block off the injector port in the intake manifold or cylinder heads. Please note when doing this that these holes are blocked off properly such that they don't impair air flow. Otherwise, you would have to cha...
Mechanically speaking, no other parts are required for the installation, ideally, they will require a tune though. For more information about the tuning service that we offer, please check out the link below:
__ Just one cam, as they run a single cam inside the engine block.
The IAC valve port in the throttle body is a larger diameter on the VYs. You can run an early model throttle body on a VY, but you can't run a later model VY throttle body on an early model without using a VY IAC control valve as they run a larger diamete...
To give you an idea in regards to the L67 conversion process into a Commodore, please refer to the link below. []
While a tune would genuinely be beneficial to your vehicle, there are other items that we would recommend first you consider. For further details in regards to what is possible with your VE V6, please refer to the links below.
Other items consider are listed in our L67 3.8L Supercharged V6 Budget Package, as shown in the link below: [
Given the conversion that you are undertaking, we would recommend using the original VY wiring loom, while slightly modding it to suit the L67 and getting the original PCM reprogrammed to suit the L67. For further details in regards to what I have mention...
We would recommend getting a hold of a wrecked VE V8 and converting everything over except for the original engine, in which case you would replace it with the LSA engine. Please note that you would also be required to custom make a part of the W2A interc...
You would have the port the L67 insulator plate the same as the W2A blower/manifold port profile for greatest gains.
It would be a good idea to replace gasket/seals as you've described, especially the yellow O-rings between the intake and supercharger as they can leak water from that area if reused. This aside, it could be possible that your thermostat is stuck closed c...
__To give you an idea as to how our Alloytec cams sound, please refer to the youtube clip below. []   In regards to cam stages, these are not universal units of mea...
Unfortunately, it will have to be a custom made item. Seeing as you're in New Zealand, I wouldn't know who I could recommend for the work sadly.
I've seen the write up on the L67 torque forum, and would not recommend the way that they’ve modified the fuel rails (cut and weld) to relocate the fitting on them. I say this as it will cause problems with fuel flow in the fuel rail. If you really wanted...
This is generally correct. To give you an idea in regards to the L67 conversion process into a Commodore, please refer to the link below. [
These rockers work like a small cam by basically increasing the engine's intake and exhaust valve lift, which ultimately makes it easier for the engine to breath, making more power. 
It won’t. In fact the twin throttle body manifold would assist with reducing the pressure drop across the intake, resulting in more power.
__The intercooler kit that you would require would be for the one to suit a VN-VS. The part number for this kit is AA606, as shown in the link below. [http://www.maceengineering....
We would recommend around a 1 to 1.1mm spark plug gap.
Gaskets and fluids aside, you will need a custom tune to suit the cam.
It certainly would be, assuming if the chain styles are the same. 
The shift points will change relative to the vehicle speed. The shift points will not change relative to the engine rpm.
This is correct. In saying this, though, your car should still run well with the auto memcal fine.
If you are using an LS1 throttle body a custom dyno tune is required. However, for the 69mm throttle body, we can help you with a memcal.
The compression ratio available with the entry level stroker kit is around 9.0:1 While it's higher than factory, the fact that the engine capacity is being increased means that the boost pressure will drop due to the limited capacity of the M90 superchar...
It is a waste of time to be honest. The largest size that we recommend going on a street driven L67 engine is between 75mm and 85mm.
Unfortunately, we don't offer rebuild kits to suit (LS1) and available transmissions found behind this engine, nor can we recommend any rebuild kits to suit unfortunately.
You would be looking at a reduction of approximately 1 second off your 0 to 100km/h time. These items are certainly compatible with LPG, including the spacers.
They can be installed with gaskets on each side of the insulator, however, they can also be installed directly without any gaskets if used with silicone sealant. 
There would be no problems with the insulator. If its soaked in oil you may have PCV issues or something related.
That is correct, the 25mm plenum spacer is designed for supercharged/turbo applications. We highly recommend people go for the 12mm plenum spacer for N/A applications.
It would depend on how much horsepower you are planning to achieve, to be honest. If you had the time and were able to do the fabrication work yourself, then I would go the BA XR6 conversion route, as shown in the link below.
Yes, you would require to swap the fuel pumps over and don't worry about the fuel pump control module.
It is. Ideally though it would require an appropriately upgraded fuel system (fuel pump, injectors, ethanol compatible fuel hose) and a custom tune to suit.
Yes, it is, but it's also suitable for these engines as well. However, if you have a supercharged or turbocharged engine, then ideally you would go with the 25mm version.
Yes, it is. You're looking at a discount of $40.
No, they are not H/D type they are just a factory replacement.
Yes, there is. The part number for this kit is PBK601. For further details, please refer to the link below: [https://www.maceeng...
Not at all. The standard design chains are 100% compatible with these kits. 
Every coil is identical, it's where they are positioned and the what leads clip on to them that should be noted.
We personally wouldn't be able to offer you this service, however, we may be able to supply you with some details of our Melbourne customers who may be able to give you more of an insight into the upgrade.
Given you have a 5L40-E transmission, which is the automatic that is used behind all 190/195 Alloytec engines, modifications are limited. The main reason for this is the fact that the transmission control module (TCM), cannot be custom tuned at this point...
At the expense of a strut brace to support the thicker spacer, probably not.
Improvement in torque would be around 10% and 13% respectively.
The computers between the VX, VU and VY V6s are the same, however, the software/calibration is different. 
eBay or wreckers would certainly be avenues to try and source one at a reasonable price.
To give you an idea in regards to belt lengths, please refer to the guide in the link below. [
To be honest we've been under staffed off recent and we're going slow. We will make it like that.
If you were to purchase or loan our supercharger pulley tool, as shown in the link below, then it would be suitable for your application.  Pulley Removal And Installation Tool
These will 100% fit the standard main caps. 
From around 2500 to 6500RPM. From experience, we would be leaning towards a 2800 to 3000RPM stall converter. In saying this, I would also ask your stall converter builder for advice based on the cam card, your list of mods and driving requirements. 
The size of the hole for the piping in our V6 CAI kits is 3 inches (76mm) unless other stated. 
We do offer much better support then overseas suppliers, along with an element of responsibility in the event any issues occur.
We can supply one to suit suit VU no problems, depending on your current modifications/requirements. For more info please check out the link below
If the car is serviced regularly with good coolant and oil, then these gaskets could last as long as the inlet manifold or cylinder head normally would. Which is a very long time!  Unlike the factory inlet manifold gaskets, the gaskets are far more resis...
Yes, you're right on that one. It should not lose that much. But, it mostly depends on how hot the outlet air temperature of the supercharger is and that how well does your A2A intercooler kit cools.
This would depend on the products you were interested in having delivered. We would need to know this first before being able to give you an average postage cost.
Between traffic lights on the street at legal limits, lots of cars would struggle to keep up with L67 powered Commodore with mild bolt-on mods, LS1 powered Commodores included. This is due to the fact L67's have a strong bottom to the mid-range power band...
Given the octane rating of LPG, it wouldn't be a problem. In fact, you would technically be able to run more boost then 10psi, however, to play it safe we would only recommend you to stick with 10psi. It would definitely help.
Yes, it is, but it's also suitable for these engines as well. However, if you have a supercharged or turbocharged engine, then ideally you would go with the 25mm version.
This is great to hear that you're willing to give working on your vehicle a go. Given your limited experience, but willingness to learn, I would recommend getting a hold of a reputable workshop manual such as Gregory's manual to suit your vehicle. This wo...
The filter size on this plastic OTR is approximately 305 x 145mm.
It varies, however, for a Cruze limited modifications, the logs would need to be around the 15-30min of mixed driving.
Unfortunately, they don't have valve reliefs. They are the dish pistons.
Yes, it will always be around these figures.
It won't, as about 99% of the OBDII cables on the market don't have the ability of being able to write to the ECM/PCM. Even if they did, there is a good chance that they won't be compatible with our software.
The main difference between the two is the PCV valve port/channel. As a result, if you attempt to install a VS/VT manifold insulator on VX/VY Ecotec manifold, you'll end up with a massive vacuum leak.  However, you can install a VX/VY manifold insulator ...
The dimensions of the filter are as follows. Height: 1.125 in (29 mm) Outside Length:  18.25 in (464mm) Outside Width:  3.25 in (83 mm)
We would recommend our manifold insulators as shown in the links below: [] https://www.mace...
This kit contains a new stage-3 camshaft, MEMCAL, lifters, dual valve springs, and collets.
There are hardly any differences between the engines specifically, only around the auxiliary components that bolt up to these engines as they are vehicle specific. For argument's sake, you can't put a set of VX exhaust manifolds on a VS.  
In addition to the fuel/spark tables, if it's automatic, we're able to change shift point and shift firmness. Other features that we're able to adjust is the cooling fan (when it comes on), when the car goes into closed loop mode (saving fuel) etc.
There are three options that we can offer you for the rest of your amount. We can refund you in the same way you paid, can issue a voucher for the rest which you can use on our website for your future order or we can save your credit for your future order...
To give you an idea as to possible upgrades for your ecotec, please consider the performance packages in the link below: [
The specs for CAM616, as shown in the link below is 210 degrees of duration at 0.050" of lift. Depending on the intake and exhaust system, these cams would certainly create a nice note on idle
Different pushrods would be needed where a customer has had their cylinder head and related engine block faces machined to suit. Or they run a custom cam with a different base circle.
The firewall, around the back of the supercharger., will need to be reworked to support the Mega Blizzard. The throttle body will also need to be turned upside down and the throttle bracket trimmed to suit.
It varies depending on the application. The easiest way to confirm would be to get a cheap digital thermometer, such as the item listed below, and measure yourself.
The tune actually alters boost, timing, fuel and torque management.
It comes with everything from the head gaskets down, the head gasket is not included though.
Given your application and requirements, to be honest, I would recommend our off the shelf grind. They work well on the street and make excellent power, up to 30rwkw in conjunction with a custom tune to suit.
MI603, MI631 or MI635 would all be suitable to for your vehicle. For maximum torque gains, I would recommend our 25mm manifold insulator, MI631, otherwise, if your budget does not stretch far enough, then the other insulators would still work well as adve...
There main differences between the kits are the cut out for the air conditioning lines.
$6000 to install and tune Alloytec/SIDI cams is too much. Generally the installation of these cams would be around $600-$1200 mark, while a custom tune to suit your VZ Commodore would be between $800-$1200.
Stage 2 Crow Cam $550  1.98:1 Rockers  $650
It depends on the type of SIDI V6 you have : *If you have an LLT engine (early 3.6L SIDI V6, which you can fit extractors to this engine), then the highest you can go 6.35mm manifold insulator without the engine cover. The kit you would need for this wo...
The diameter of the standard harmonic balancer to suit the L67 engine is 176.5mm and unfortunately, we don't have any universal balancer pulleys.
They both are suitable for Naturally Aspirated and Turbocharged setups with the 12mm and 25mm manifold insulators increasing torque down low by 10% and 13% respectively.
The Manifolds have a different PVC layout from model to model, hence they have different Insulators.
The one are the custom camshaft, you will need to provide your own specifications if you purchase our custom grind cams. On the other hand they are the performance camshaft and we only have one grind available (210/210).
The ultra high ratio rockers give more valve lift allowing the engine to breathe better.  With the ultra high rockers you tend to see more high rpm gains than with our 1.9 high ratio rockers.
The Orssom OTR is better performing than the Air Hammer unit, because the airflow into the engine/throttle body is straight/direct, unlike the Air Hammer unit which has many bends till the air reaches the engine/throttle body.
RW power output, i.e. RWHP or RWkW, is the power the car puts out, as measurable on a dynamometer connected to the WHEELS. Please note that even though RW stands for Rear Wheel, RWHP/RWkW is applicable in both cases (rear wheel and front wheel drive). ...
To help provide you with a solution, could you please provide us with a couple of photos of both of the rockers you have. Basically, we need a bird's eye view of each rocker with the push rod cup and rocker bolt hole visible, such that we can gauge rocker...
The main difference is the discharge area, whereby the discharge area on the W2A blower porting is around double the size of the A2A blower porting.
O-ring Top to Bottom / Center to Center - 64.5mm.
We can tune your vehicle to lower the amount of boost below factory when your vehicle cruise control is active. This will increase fuel efficiency while decreasing performance.
The 12mm insulator increases torque down low by 10% over a broader range. The 25MM should improve bottom end torque by roughly 13%.
The standard rockers are more than capable with this cam.  
The details can be shown below:   Seat pressure: 116LB @ 1.7" Open pressure: 310LB @ 0.5"
The size of valve stem seals is 7.3 x 11.5mm.
With the exception of the 4 M6 screws, all of the hardware that we supply in the bolt packs of our kits need to be custom made to be able to install the insulator. 
These run a 6inch long pod filter, with a 3 inch intake opening, like the factory piping. To give you a better idea in regards to the size of the filter, please refer to the fitting instructions in the link below.
Assuming your car is in good working order, then the smallest pulley you can run is a 3.4 inch pulley (10psi) on 98 octane fuel. If you're running 95 octane fuel, then the smallest you can run is a 3.6 inch pulley (8psi) on 95 octane fuel. 
They are 1.295mm and 1.6mm for GSK606 and GSK608 respectively. 
Please torque the heads/gaskets up to the ARP stud specifications.
The thrust plate is still installed after installing the cam, despite the balance shaft being disabled, which is what controls axial float of the cam. 
Ideally, you would require the following items: Valve springs 130# [] Valve spring Retainers: ObjectPath=/Shops/mace/Products/SPG601/SubProd...
These upgraded cams are direct replacements for your factory cams and do not require any additional parts to be fitted for your application. Prior to fitting these cams though, we would recommend upgrading supporting mods first such as an intake an exhaus...
To give you some ideas as to possible upgrades, please check out the link below:
Generally you're looking at improvements in power production by 10% down low. For dyno results, please check out the link below:
With a custom dyno tune, the max you should be able to run would be a 3.0 pulley. In saying this, though, value for money, we would recommend a set of higher ratio rockers first.
Assuming you're referring to the family of COMP Cams that we offer, as shown in the links below, then we generally recommend using standard rockers unless aiming to achieve valve lift of over 0.600".    COMP Cams to suit V6 Ecotec http://www.maceengineer...
The standard size of the outlet to the TB Adaptor is 69mm, which is identical in size to that diameter of the factory supercharged elbow inlet. Fortunately the adaptor, along with the elbow, can easily be ported.
Conservatively speaking, these pistons would be good for around 6500RPM.
We only have one stage of cam at this point in time. Certainly, it has a good sound.
Please view our stroker packages under the part number STRK601, STRK607 and STRK608
If you're referring to the package as shown in the link below, then we can certainly help with pricing up a package for you. To do this accurately though, we n...
Given your requirements and depending on your budget, I would recommend either CAM637 or CAM638. For further details about these cams, please refer to the link below [https://www....
The max boost that you'll be able to run is approximately 14 to 15 psi.
The outlet air temperature of supercharger would increase considerably.
These parts which are mentioned below can give you better performance. Comp Cams [
It's made up by heat blocking, composite plastic and it comes with silicone sealant. To give you an idea in regards to the installation process, please refer to the link below.
These have a compression height of 1.710 inches. 
There is about 3-4% difference in down low torque.
There is about 3-4% difference in down low torque.
Depending on the OTR kit, generally, you would be required to replace the top radiator mounting brackets which are normally supplied.
These would relocate to the side of the strut tower
Basically, you need to make sure that the mating surfaces are cleaned before fitting the gaskets, which can be done with a non-abrasive Scotch-Brite pad. If sealing has been an issue, you can also spray the gaskets with copper coat, prior to installation....
The 12mm plenum spacers are recommended for naturally aspirated (NA) applications, while the 25mm plenum spacers are recommended for supercharged/turbocharged applications.
If you're adamant about keeping the engine cover then I would recommend sticking with just the 12mm manifold insulator. While you could run both the 12mm plenum spacer and 12mm manifold insulator and maintain your engine cover, it and or the bonnet liner ...
In regards to the Stage 3 COMP Cam, we recommend running standard ratio rockers, given how much lift that cam makes. Otherwise, if you were to run these rockers with this cam, you would cause serious engine damage.
Generally speaking, the reason is because the new cams will be making more power, as such, creating a greater volume of exhaust gases. Without the exhaust upgrade, power will be restricted, due to the restriction in exhaust flow that the factory system ha...
The IAC (idle air control) valve is larger on VY V6 as compared to VS-VX that's why it won't fit into VS-VX.
Because it sits too wide, fouling up against the bonnet vents.
Generally, it won't, however, it would depend on your mods. To give you an idea in regards to belt lengths for various setups, please refer to the link below.
If you are willing to drill holes into the body work to mount the box, then it definitely will. 
It you were getting the outlet ported to suit A2A then yes. If you were getting the outlet ported to suit W2A then it is not recommended.
You won't need a tune straight away after installing a larger throttle body. The only time you would consider a tune would be for additional performance gains or to correct the shift points of an automatic transmission. The latter occurs as the throttle b...
If you are after a standard replacement pump, then this pump would be a 100% suitable for your vehicle.
These coils are 100% compatible with the factory DFI module (standard base).
It won't unfortunately.  Some people have managed to squeeze it in but we're unsure what needed modifying as we haven't tried it on a Monaro bonnet.
Assuming that you have a VT 5.7L then it would suit your vehicle. Please note that this OTR is specifically suited for MAFless setups, meaning if you're still running the MAF, you'd need this removed. A custom tune would also be required upon installation...
I believe it will, given that the position of condenser relative to the radiator would be the same as in the photo on your car. Fortunately it would be easy to confirm on your end to be sure. If you had said you had a HSV Grange, then it wouldn't, given t...
It won't. Not something that we offer at the moment unfortunately.
Unfortunately, it won't suit your vehicle. Fortunately though, we have one to suit as shown in the link below: [
Provided you have a factory supercharged V6, it would.
This would suit your VS V8. Given the tight tolerances of our re-manufactured throttle bodies, factory idle speed is maintained. Idle speed will not increase with installing one of our throttle bodies unless there is a vacuum leak or the TPS (throttle pos...
Given the gasket like properties that the insulator material has, no additional gaskets are required. However, silicone sealant is required to be used, which is included in the kit at no extra cost.
Assuming that the bolts haven't stretched (experienced necking), as per the diagram below, then they'll be fine to reuse. [http://...
It would help, the tune represents the best value for money upgrade for these vehicles.
We're not 100% sure, due to the changes in legislation in NSW recently. However assume that it isn’t, pending approval from a suitably certified automotive/transport engineer.
Yes, it will, there shouldn't be any issue.
They would fit in Adventra, assuming it doesn't run a strut brace.
Depending on the rpm limit, cam and boost, you're planning on running, SPG602 from this ad should be suitable for your build. If you can provide us with these details and others, we would be able to best advise if these spring or another would be suitable...
Please note that you would only be able to go with either the Air Hammer or ORSSOM OTR kit, but not both. If you had to choose between kits as to which one would give you the greatest power gains it would be the ORSSOM OTR kit.
Given the conversion cost and ease of the conversion into a Commodore, I would say yes. Especially if it was going to replace an Ecotec engine in a VS-VY Commodore, as you would still be able to use the existing wiring loom (with slight modifications) by ...
If you have a VN-VY Commodore V6, then our cold air intake enclosure/housing would be compatible, however, they would require modification to accommodate the Raptor Supercharger kit. 
Unfortunately, we only offer a single return per PCM purchased. Therefore you would be entitled to $50 cash back. 
Generally, you'd want to verify your pushrod length with a pushrod length checker at the time of your cam install, but given all our ecotec cams still have the factory base circle diameter then PR601 will be fine.
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