I have the following modificationson my 5 speed VS; 69mm throttle body, v8 injectors, SS induction, extractors, exhaust system, 12mm Plenum spacer , 12mm manifold insulator , air intake chip which is connected to the aif ..v8 fuel pump. Can Mace suggest
Posted by MACE Support on 30 April 2018 08:44 AM
Can you please advise us whether your VS is a Series I or Series II - and which transmission type the vehicle is running; T5 or Getrag. Off the bat though, we wouldn't be able to supply you with a memcal to suit the larger injectors or the air intake chip. The latter, is essentially a electrical resistor which goes in place of the air temperature sensor, fooling the computer into thinking that the intake air temperature is lower then what the engine actually sees, increasing ignition timing. Therefore we can not supply a memcal to suit using this item as it would be too risky/dangerous for us to do so at the expense of an engine.

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