I have a VP V8 with the VN Group A twin throttle setup. Does Mace offer a cold air intake that can plumb to this setup?
Posted by MACE Support on 30 April 2018 08:34 AM
Assuming you have the factory air intake snorkel from the from the Group A manifold, then possibly one of our V6 CAI kits may fit up with a suitable rubber joiner. We can also supply this kit without the filter and adapter tube giving you the freedom to use any piping or filter you're after Another option to consider would be to use our universal CAI kit and cut the hole yourself to locate the pipework, which may be an ideal solution in your case to achieve the best possible fitment. An example of such as custom fitment is shown in the pics below, whereby a customer has modified his COME racing twin throttle manifold snorkel to support a 4 inch intake

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