I want to modify my Ecotec VY. I want to get a cam, rockers springs etc. Is there a good package that you do that gives good RWKW? And how much would it cost?
Posted by MACE Support on 21 April 2018 08:28 AM

Generally, we recommend only going with a cam or a set of rockers. If you're looking for the most possible power between the two then we'd recommend going with a cam upgrade instead. Assuming you've been budgeted or are able to do the work yourself. Some items that we can suggest for this upgrade are shown below:

COMP V6 Ecotec Cam and Chip Package:

Crow Cams Valve Springs (130lb):

Manley Performance Valvespring Retainers:

Rollmaster double row timing chain set:

COMP Valve Locks:

Oil Pump Kit:

Please note if you were on a budget, you could just stick with a Cam and Chip package and possibly run 105# valve springs and retainers instead.

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