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With the extensive research and development we have packaged niche items in such a way that they’re financially tasteful for I6 enthusiasts of any budget. Be it a petite or limitless one, we can assure you the difference will amaze.

Key Features:

  • Genuine bolt on cold air intake kit.
  • Mace throttle controller removes the delay in throttle response.
  • 20% underdrive pulley kit reduces parasitic losses.
  • Crow Cams camshafts to provide strong mid-range and upper RPM.
  • Crow Cams valve spring kit to withstand extreme boost pressures.


  1. Cold air intake kit with black cover and K&N filter
  2. Mace throttle controller
  3. Powerbond power pulley kit
  4. Crow Cams camshaft set
  5. Crow Cams conical valve spring kit


  • Detailed fitting instructions for the cold air intake kit can be found on our website under Support.
  • If your vehicle currently has the factory pod filter setup then installation of this CAI kit may require some modifications that involve removing the filter bracket by drilling out the rivet that holds the bracket to the body. When fitting the supplied bracket, you'll need to either tap the hole the rivet was removed from or use a nut on the other side. The intake piping also needs to be either shortened to suit the Mace set up or replaced with the later model intake pipe.
  • Installation of the Mace throttle controller is quite simple and the modification is completely reversible within a couple of minutes. All kits include simple fitting and calibration instructions.
  • We recommend dialing in all aftermarket cams using a degree wheel to ensure that they’re phased correctly with the crankshaft. You can do this by using our 8" or 11" degree wheel, which can be purchased through another listing.
  • ECU recalibration, full exhaust system and high-stall is required with this package.
  • Standard valve locks can be used with the valve spring kit included in this package.
  • To assist you in the installation of valve springs and save time, valve spring compressor tool can either be loaned out or purchased through another listing.
  • More detailed information of each performance part can be found through their respective listings.
  • This package isn't concrete and we’re more than happy to put together a custom package if desired. Please contact us for assistance.
  • Please read the terms and conditions before making a purchase.

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