How strong are the single row timing chain compared to factory?
Posted by on 11 August 2018 07:12 AM
In regards to the outright strength of our chains, conservatively speaking, they have around the same yield/tensile strength as the factory chains.
However, the main difference between the chains is that our chains have been polished, reducing operating friction, ultimately reducing wear along with mitigating any stress raises which may arise as a result of the manufacturing process. It is the wear, between the plates and the pins that cause chains to 'stretch', whereby the pin holes are elongated. 
Reducing friction at these contact points considerably improves chain life. This is the same finish that chain manufacture's such as BorgWarner use with their high-end chains, as shown in the link below. 

Please note that we have used our chain kits in over many Alloytec/SIDI builds where stiffer springs and aggressive cams have been used, without any issues. 

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