Hey mate I'm disabling the balancer shaft on my motor cause I believe the bearings have gone so I'm going to run a double row timing chain but then again I have heard I need to get a machined oil pump cover or I can use to gaskets behind it so it has clea
Posted by MACE Support on 30 April 2018 12:37 PM
If you're planning on running a double row timing chain set, you may be able to get away without having to run a machined oil pump cover. The way to tell though would be to undertake a test fitment of the timing chain cover with the double row chain set installed in conjunction with some Blu-tac/Plasticine on the oil pump cover to be able to gauge the amount of clearance that may be possibly present. Armed with this information you could then decide if you could get away without doubling up timing cover gaskets, doubling up timing cover gaskets or running a thinner oil pump cover. Clearance aside, when installing the double row timing chain set make sure that you run it without the chain tensioner.

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