Has Mace produced cams for 06-07 RA Rodeo fitted with the basic HFV6 (Alloytec) engine? I ask this because I am unsure of how the higher spec alloytec's actuate their variable valve timing.
Posted by MACE Support on 30 April 2018 12:33 PM
All of the Alloytec cams that we manufacture have provision for variable cam timing. When these cams are installed on an Alloytec engine which doesn't have variable cam timing on either the exhaust or both the intake and exhaust it isn't an issue as the oil galleries drilled on the journal of the cam are merely blocked off (basically made redundant). Therefore in practice, you can install Alloytec cams which have provision for variable valve timing on an engine Alloytec engine without variable valve timing, but not the other way around. In summary, we currently have cams to suit all Alloytec engines.

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