I have a December 2010 series II VE SV6 SIDI 6 speed manual , I currently have only fitted a xforce twin 2 1/4 exhaust to it but coming into tax time I want to do some more to it in the way of getting extractors , CATS , OTR and a tune done. Possibly want
Posted by MACE Support on 30 April 2018 11:00 AM
We don't offer extrators or cat at this point in time, however this may change in future. In regards to tuning service we offer and OTRs, please check out the links below ORSSOM OTR TO SUIT VE V6 SIDI HOLDEN VE MACE-VCM OTR CAI TO SUIT SIDI 3.6L V6 - COMES WITH BONUS MANIFOLD INSULATORS ORSSOM OTR COLD AIR INTAKE,

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