Does the tune for VE LLT V6 include the Ghost cam and how does it work? Does the Ghost cam changes any performance or gains or if it just a personal choice? Also does it have levels like low medium high?
Posted by MACE Support on 30 April 2018 10:56 AM
The tunes that we supply with the LLT V6 engines do come with the Ghost Cam feature at no extra cost In regards to Ghost Cam, to set the background, these engines run variable inlet and exhaust cam timing which can be adjusted whilst they’re running. The way that Ghost Cam works is by controlling the cam position on idle, increasing overlap between intake and exhaust lobes on idle. This results in a lumpy idle, much like traditional performance cams with a narrow LSA. This feature can be activated via the cruise control function with our tune, basically it can be switched off or on via the cruise control. It has no impact on performance, just the sound on idle. You can adjust the prominence of Ghost Cam on idle, via our Power Pro Flash software.

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