I am keen on the 69mm throttle body, manifold insulator, 85mm mass airflow meter, balancer and a comp cam package stage 2 .I've been looking over your products and was wondering what order to buy as I can't afford to buy all in one go?
Posted by MACE Support on 30 April 2018 10:13 AM
Please note that we only recommend the 85mm mass airflow meter if you're contemplating getting a custom dyno tune done regardless, as we cannot provide a mail order tune solution at this point in time In regards to the balancer, given you have an ecotec engine, there are no performance/underdriven balancers available to suit. These components aside, my advise would be to start of with the manifold insulator first. Due to the installation of the throttle body requiring a tune, it would be advised that you get the throttle body at the same time with the COMP cam and tune package, as this would save you on tuning costs

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