I am interested in the remote tuning service you guys offer. I have a 2009 VE SV6 manual with a 2.25 xforce mild system (everything except headers/extractors) and an Airhammer CAI kit installed and running on 98 octane fuel my questions are: 1. What can M
Posted by MACE Support on 30 April 2018 09:47 AM
Sounds like you have a nicely setup car and it should respond well to our tuning service. In regards to your questions the answers are as follows: A1. We adjust timing tables, fuel tables, torque management along with a few other tweaks. A2. It will help. In saying this though, I would recommend considering a manifold insulator for greater gains in this area. A3. $550 Tune $180 Programmer $15 postage *To own the programmer outright Or $550 Tune $220 Programmer $15 postage *On loan fully refundable on return

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