Has Mace’s got any better option on which I can run most psi on a complete VY L67 stock bottom end apart from your INTERMEDIATE INTERCOOLER KIT.
Posted by MACE Support on 30 April 2018 09:46 AM
We have 2 options that will suit, just depends which will suit your needs best. The W2A Intermediate Intercooler Kit or A2A Intercooler Kit. The smallest pulley that can physically fit onto the snout is a 19psi (2.55") pulley and only if the snout is machined. In order to run this pulley safely, your vehicle will require either one of our 'Intermediate W2A' or 'A2A' Intercooler kits and a custom tune. If you would like to spin the blower even faster, an overdriven balancer can be used The standard V6 supercharged L67 motor has continued to impress with its reliability in high powered applications over years. Given the amount of customers who use our products in 220rwkw budget builds (on standard engines in good condition which are serviced regularly), proves just how tough these engines really are. So you can compare the W2A to the A2A I have included our comparison info. W2A (Water To Air Intercooler) Pros: -Stealthier appearance -No tuning required depending on desired boost -More responsive when driving -'Factory-like' drivability Cons: -They require maintenance -There is a possibility of them leaking in the long run A2A (Air To Air Intercooler) Pros: -If set-up correctly will require no maintenance -Cooler inlet temps -Can be polished Cons: -Tuning is a must -Cannot easily make look stealth -Drivability can be compromised unless tuned properly

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