Hi there I currently have a Holden VE SV6 Series2 model that was made in October 2010.I am looking for 300kw at the engine, and my budget is 15k.Please suggest? However the biggest problem that I have is that the best fuel in my area is BP 98 or Shell V
Posted by MACE Support on 30 April 2018 09:46 AM
Given that you have an SIDI V6 3.6L you shouldn't have to spend that much to get that sort of power, unless you wanted to go down the path of forced induction, to easily surpass that figure of 300kw at the fly. Ok for around 6k (give or take) Cams $1290 Tune $550 OTR Cold air intake $690 Full exhaust system $2000 (approximate) Labour $1500 (approximate) Total $6030 (approximately) This will get would get you around 200-220rwkw at the rears on 98 octane fuel, depending on the dyno and trans configuration (man/auto).Other items to consider would be a set of diff gears, catch can and an under drive pulley kit

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