I have a VS Acclaim Wagon 1996 of which the engine is a L67 from a VY Calais. VY L67 onto 1996 VS acclaim wagon loom. I would like to buy a chip for my car’s engine control unit? I am looking at installing a set of extractors straight away and then a se
Posted by MACE Support on 30 April 2018 09:42 AM
We can help you out by offering a memcal with appropriate error codes disabled for the missing items. We can also disable the VATS for you if you're planning on replacing the BCM module. We will need to update the tune when you run a larger Throttle Body. This is up to you, as you'll need the memcal now regardless. You can use the memcal for these modifications except for the Throttle Body. We would have to erase the memcal and re-program it if you add modifications later down the track, which we can cater for depending on the modifications.

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