I have a VX XU6 and wantto upgrade to your 10 psi pulley kit.Also are there any other items that I can buy in conjunction with the boost upgrade
Posted by MACE Support on 30 April 2018 09:41 AM
Below is what we usually recommend to start you off. However, these don't have to be installed all at once. 1. 10Psi Boost upgrade kit 2. 1.90:1 ratio rockers 3. Cold Air Intake kit 4. Cooler thermostat* This combo will get you around 35rwkw (more if accompanied by a free flowing exhaust) for around the $1000 mark and comes with simple step-by-step instructions such that it can be fitted by even the common DIY enthusiast. NOTE: Extractors are not recommended at this stage. *Please note that the thermostat is difficult to replace without removing the supercharger and may not be a high priority at this stage unless the supercharger is already being removed for whatever other reason.

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